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About Mark E Noble

Mark is venturing out from his electrician and social work background and pursuing his passion of art.
Mark’s interest in art started in his teenage years as he was deeply submerged in skateboarding culture. The culture brought with it brands and designs with strong colours, creative styles and an essence or freedom within societal construct. These influence’s opened Mark up to street art, which was the ignition for Mark to start trying art for himself, exploring stencils and spray paint, acrylic paints with a range of different tools to apply. His interest in graphite and charcoal work was ignited later through desires of completing large pieces of works on paper. In more recent years Mark has focused on finding painting methods and products that align with his values for the environment. Mark is excited to be able to be using earth clay to create some of his most recent works. He is also using lime-based exterior paint for some of his mural work, which excites him greatly as this product is totally toxic free, and uses natural color pigments. Marks desire’s with his art are to express values of happiness, joy, love and appreciation of different cultures whilst using eco-friendly, earth conscious products. 


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